a. This regulation is applied to all guests using online booking services, and traders/ organizations providing rooms through Gophuquoc.net
b. Gophuquoc.net e-commerce exchange (called Gophuquoc.net) is owned by Go Island Co., Ltd.
c. Members participating in transactions on Gophuquoc.net must register and declare the personal information recognized and allowed to use online booking service on Gophuquoc.net.
by Go Island
d. The provision of online booking services on Gophuquoc.net must be public, transparent and the rights of members are ensured.
e. Go Island makes the agreement with the room provider to supply the best price and service quality to the users of Gophuquoc.net. You can freely choose the hotel that suits your financial ability, and desire.  By simple manipulations, you can book a room in the most efficient, quick and economical way. Especially, safety in payment is guaranteed.


All members using the services on Gophuquoc.net must satisfy and accept the following conditions:
a. Age: All guests who are at least 18 years old are allowed to book rooms on Gophuquoc.net.
b. Booking information
The reservation information will be confirmed and sent via an email to you by Go Island. The final confirmation will be sent by the time you have made the payment for the reservation. In contrast, your reservation may be cancelled if you have not made the confirmation within 24 hours since the booking time on https://www.gophuquoc.net. Go Island cannot ensure any reservation information until the final confirmation email is sent by Go Phu Quoc.
c. Change reservation information
We will try to best support you, but we do not guarantee that all changes will be made if:
- Rooms booked at room providers at a specific time, or rooms booked under guarantee cannot be cancelled or exchanged. These information are ensurely displayed on the booking page or provider's room page (see hotel cancellation policy). You should read the information before making a reservation.

- In addition, an additional charge is included for accepted room changes/cancellation information, (additional charge in addition to the room provider's cancellation fee).
- If the cancellation is late compared with the time allowed, or you don’t carry out the check-in on time, you will have to pay the full cost for that reservation.

d. Request
- In order to confirm customer information, hotel staff will ask you to give your ID card.
- In addition, to avoid the use of fake credit cards, the room provider may require you to provide your ID card number to confirm cardholders when you are booking. A copy of your credit card / ID card may also be kept by the room provider for the purpose of eliminating counterfeit cards, confirming the bank of the credit card in case there is a problem. This information may be provided to Go Island staff.